Friday, January 11, 2013

Add a Magnet

The door from the inside of the garage to the house is where my husband and I leave messages for each other.  It's the one place we are sure the other person will see.  Until tonight, we always attached the notes with tape to the door since our door is not steel and magnetic.  It bugs me, especially when I can't find the tape!  I took care of that tonight.

I attached a washer to the door with a command strip.

 I can now attach my notes to the door with a magnet stuck on the washer.  The washer is small and it's in a spot that no one will notice.  If I ever change my mind I can take it off with no fuss.

If I do it again:

I wish I had thought of this sooner!  There is tape residue from past notes that needs to be scrubbed off. 

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