Saturday, December 22, 2012

Hot Cocoa Stirrers

I have been a bit "grinchy" this Christmas season.  Fortunately, my daughter has a big enough heart for both of us!

She wanted to give something to the neighbors so we came up with these:

They are hot cocoa stirrers.

The end of the stick has marshmallows smeared with chocolate and sprinkled with crushed candy cane.  You drop this into your hot cocoa and the marshmallow starts to melt, the candy cane dissolves and the creamy chocolate helps make your cup that much richer.  Mmmm!

Here's how she did it!

Melt a handful of chocolate chips in a bowl in the microwave.  Take your marshmallow and, using a knife ('cause these are going to the neighbors and you shouldn't use your fingers), smear the chocolate on the bottom half.

Sprinkle with candy cane.

Let dry on waxed or parchment paper.

Put a stick in the middle and package up pretty!

They are very yummy just eaten plain, no hot cocoa needed.

Merry Christmas!

If I do it again:

I would find some wood coffee stirrers.  I know they sell them but I couldn't find them at the grocery store.  I couldn't even find popsicle sticks.   I asked the manager and she had the bakery sell me a handful of the sticks they use for their caramel apples.  They are big and thick and definitely overkill but I have no desire to go to any other store at this point and time.

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