Monday, December 17, 2012

Confetti Desk Set

I am in constant need of open containers for my desk.  Last week I ended up dumping out my pencil container to hold game pieces for a classroom game so today I decided to fancy up some jars and bring them in.

This is what I made:

These were somewhat inspired by Anthropologie's confetti glasses:

Mine are a lot bigger.

These are old candle jars:
And Nail Polish (stolen from my daughter's stash):

I just dotted it on to the outside of the jar and let it dry.  I also added a piece of felt to the bottoms:

This way the glass is quiet on a desk.

They didn't turn out much like my "inspiration" pieces but these were free for me to make and free is a lot better than Anthropologie prices!

If I do it again:

More dots!  I wouldn't be in such a hurry!

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