Monday, November 12, 2012

Organizing the Scarves

I'm on a kick to get my closet organized!  I'm moving the summer stuff to boxes and the winter stuff to shelves.  I've pulled out my scarves, ironed them and have started to wear them.  I am having an awful time figuring out how to keep them neat, wrinkle free and easily accessible.

I found those hangars with the holes especially meant for scarves and ties but I had an issue with that.  My frilly, froopy, polyester scarves would do just fine in that but the nice, neat cotton, silk and linen scarves I have would be pleated when I pulled them out.  I don't have time to iron a scarf in the morning so I need something that will keep it neat.

I found this at Target on sale.

My scarves went from being randomly tossed over the closet door. . . .

. . . to not so randomly tossed over the closet door.

It's neater, the scarves stay wrinkle free and I can see what I have at a glance.  I don't have too many so this system works for me.  They sit on the back of my closet door, out of the way.

If I do it again:

I didn't realize how narrow this towel rack is.  I would find something that took advantage of the full width of my closet door.


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  2. That's funny, a few months ago I used old towel racks (they have suction hooks) to organize my scarves in my closet. I'm renting my place so I cannot make many holes, especially in my built-in closet, so I bought a few hooks and just balance the racks on them.
    If in the future you feel that you don't have enough room anymore, you could tie your scarves with a simple knot as I did: they use up less space this way :)
    I could remove the suction hooks but I don't want to lose them and as this is inside my closet I really don't mind :)