Thursday, November 15, 2012

Napkin to Pencil Cup

I had some time on my hands and I need a large pencil cup for school.  So. . . yup!  I made one!

I have some napkins that I found in the dollar box at the grocery store.  (I also have a thing for pretty napkins.  Add it to the list.)  A napkin, some modpodge and an old candle jar makes for a pretty pencil cup.

I cut the napkin in half for this project.

Paint the jar with some modpodge. . . .

. . . and smooth on the napkin.

Fold it down and paint the top with modpodge.

Let dry.  Add another coat and, when it's dry, you have a pencil cup!
If I do it again:

I'd wait for the cup to dry before taking the last picture.  It looks much better now :)

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