Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Dressing Up a Clipboard

My daughter and I hit the Goodwill store this weekend and found some treasures to the tune of $27.00.  Some of our treasures needed a little sprucing up.  One of them was a clipboard.

We turned our blah (and stained) clipboard into this!  It will be great to have in my classroom.

We spray painted the clip with some blue spray paint we had leftover from painting the chairs this spring.

We picked out some pretty scrapbook paper to cover the top.  It happened to be two sided paper so we made a template to fit around the clip and traced it on the wrong side.

Cut it out. . . .
. . . and glue or use modpodge right on to the clipboard.  We also covered the back as it didn't look any better than the front.  We decorated it and then covered the entire thing with a coat of modpodge to help seal it.  I should be able to wipe it clean if it gets dirty.

Let it dry and then use!

Total investment: Twenty five cents.  I had everything else already.

If I do it again:

Scrapbook paper is 12 inches and the clipboard measures about 13 1/2  inches tall.  I wish I had thought to measure before I had started so I could have been better prepared.  I ended up using a piece from the cut off side and flipping it to make up the length. 

I would also take some washi tape and trim the edges with it to make it more polished. 

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