Saturday, November 24, 2012

Beautiful Word Clouds

I found a fantastic site!

Check out  This site makes word clouds.

This is the word cloud I made this morning:

Wordle: Samantha

The site is very easy to use and lots of fun!  I printed this out on a piece of cardstock and I will frame it for her desk.  These would be very neat, inexpensive gifts to make for someone.  I also have another project in mind for these. . . more to come later!
Here are a few tips to keep in mind when using this site:

* The more times you write something, the bigger it will be.  They will NOT put in the same word over and over.  For example, if you wrote dog dog cat fish fish fish the word FISH will be three times as big as cat and the word dog will be twice the size of cat but 2/3 the size of fish.  Follow me?

* Play with the font, layout and color buttons.  I liked a lot of the preset colors but, in the end, chose my own.  You can keep selecting the same button and it will rotate the words more.

* Type in your words, then copy them into a word document.  Once you click "go" you can't go back.  It took retyping the words twice before I saved them to cut and paste later!  You never know . . . you might want something bigger or smaller or you may misspell a word!

I see lots of great gift ideas using this site!  What are some of the fun things you can think of?

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