Thursday, October 25, 2012

To Do Booklet

With the new job comes a lot of new (to me) duties and little things that need to be done.  By noon my desk is covered in post-it notes and, right before leaving, I am frantically going through post-its to make sure I have all the things that need to be done TODAY done.  I need a better system and this is it:
It's easy and looks a lot better than random post-its everywhere.

This is just a basic black folder that I covered with some coordinating scrapbook paper I had laying around.

Make sure that the papers don't touch in the middle. . . they need to fold without bending on themselves.

The side on the left is for my "priority" side.  If it needs to be done today, it will be on a post-it and stuck to the left side.  If it can wait, it will be on the right.

As stuff gets done from the left side, I'll toss the post-it and move the ones from the right to the left.

I didn't label the inside because I didn't want anyone seeing me stick the task they gave me to the side labeled "less important" or "can wait".  I figure the system will be my little secret!

It doesn't eliminate the post-it trash but it does keep things neat and tidy and gives me a way to see the priority projects at a glance.

If I do it again:
I may try to laminate this in the future when the many lists of things to do isn't as daunting.  I could then use a dry erase marker on it.


  1. I've stopped using post-its a long time ago.
    But I do have a To do list, on an A5-made-up-from-printed-on-one-side,cut-by-half-and-stappled-A4-paper block. My To do list is the 1st page of this homemade paper block (I find A5 is what works best for me but sometimes I do smaller or larger sizes). When I need spare paper, I just use the pages after the to do.
    I sort the To dos by "project" (I'm a Research executive and work on several surveys at once).
    I write an arrow on the things I must do by the end of the day. When things get really tough, meaning I have to deal with lots of emergencies, I rank the tasks with numbers.
    And when something gets done, I highlight it with a neon marker --> this is the most satisfying part of the day!

    One to do list lasts a week for me usually (I fill it with tasks as they come up), but I think you could do that every morning. Every Monday or Friday, I remove the 1st page and the draft pages I used in the week and start a new To do list, adding pages if the block goes too thin.

    It recycles paper that would have gone in the trash without using both sides first, saves on post-it notes expenses, I can carry it anywhere, and the striking/highlighting things is really a super bonus. Gives me a deep sense of accomplishment. Each to their own system of course! Yours is very pretty while mine is plain and sad (except at the end of a "good" week, when most of the tasks have been highlighted.)

    1. I could see where highlighting tasks is rewarding. I get a bit giddy, myself, when I crumple up a post-it! I am going through a crazy amount of post-its right now and always feel a tinge of guilt when I toss one. I may try making my own notebook like you have. It can still sit in my folder :)

      Thanks for the comment!