Monday, October 22, 2012

T-Shirt Scarf

I recently started a new job after staying home with the kids for the last ten years.  In ten years my wardrobe has drastically changed.  I've increased a few sizes and the clothing was limited to one pair of nice slacks (for Christmas and Easter Mass), two pair of "dressy" jeans (for regular church service and parent-teacher conferences) and three pair of regular jeans (everyday.)  I had one nice sweater (for church - all services), several sweatshirts and lots of men's t-shirts.  I didn't own any women's Ts because I'm crazy tall and they are never long enough.  Because of the job, my wardrobe had to drastically increase.

I've been adding things but have found that I really miss my men's t-shirts.  They are comfortable and I can raise my arms above my head in public without showing everyone my stretch marks.  In an effort to dress up some of the nicer t-shirts I have, I've been wearing them with scarves.  No one has noticed (or no one has said anything.  Either way I'm fine with it.)

I saw a very nice scarf in JC Penney this weekend and thought "I could make that!"  So, I did.

Start with a t-shirt that you like the color of.  Make sure it is a cotton or cotton blend one and that it isn't the kind that is ribbed.

This is one that I used to wear but had ripped a hole in the underarm. 

Cut off the shirt right under the armpits.

Cut the bottom part into strips.  I made mine about a half inch wide.  Cut them across the shirt, not up and down.

Gather up your loops. 
Stretch them out.  You will notice that they sort of roll in on themselves.  Change the spot where you put your hands and stretch some more.  You want the whole loop rolled.

Take a leftover piece of shirt and tie the loops all together at the top.  If you have seams to hide, this is a good way to do it.

Wrap the shirt around for an inch or so.  I make sure to wrap the knot to hide it.

Tuck it in and tie it off.  I also used a needle and thread and added a few stitches to make sure it wouldn't come undone.

It's done!  It's quite long since I didn't cut the loops down.  I am going to wear it doubled up and with a black t-shirt.

Please excuse the photo.  Apparently, I need to clean my mirror.

If I do it again:

I will make another one - or two - in different colors.  I will probably cut the loops down on one so that I can wear the scarf longer but not SO long.


  1. A great use for some of my older t-shirts that still look nice but shrink oddly!

    BTW I wouldn't have known your mirror needed cleaning. I honestly assumed it was my computer screen until I read that, lol.

    1. I have way too many of those older t-shirts that shrink oddly. It could also be that I've grown oddly :)

      My daughter and I had great results cutting up three t-shirts in different colors and then mixing the colors together. We made enough for her to give one to each of her friends. She's calling them t-shirt necklaces.

      Thanks for the comment! Good luck on your scarves!