Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Onsie Cupcakes

For awhile it seemed like everyone I knew was pregnant.  I almost quit drinking the local water. . . just in case.

This is a fun, inexpensive gift to give.  You can always add a gift card if you would like.

Those cupcakes are made out of socks and Onsies.

I bought a three pack of Wilton Cupcake boxes for $2.00.  It comes with pink, light green and yellow.

Since I was making this for a girl, I put together the pink box.  I also found four cute cupcake papers from my stash.

The only other thing you need is two pair of socks and four onsies.  You can get a five pack of Gerber Onsies for $8 and the socks in the dollar section.

I took some photos of both pink and purple onsies and the photos were mixed as to which ones were better.  Just pretend it's the same onsie in each picture following.

Spread out your Onsie and fold the top part into a point.

Fold the sides in.

Unfold the sock and add it to the pointed end with the tip poking up.

Roll tightly.

Fold the bottom part of the sock up.

And "fluff" the top part of the cupcake until it looks right.  I loosened the top while keeping the bottom tight.

Put it into a cupcake wrapper.

And add to your box.

This is fun to do for boys, too.  The cupcakes would look better with red socks but I couldn't find those!

If I do it again:

I would look harder for red socks for the boys.  Pink cherries are cute for the girl cupcakes.

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