Monday, October 1, 2012

Dog Bed

We have a fantastic dog.  We love him a lot but we've never been the type of family to treat our dog like a child.  He stays off the furniture, he eats dog food from a dog bowl and he behaves (most of the time BETTER than the kids).  He's a great dog but he's a dog.

We've never bought any sort of bed for him.  He gets a folded up blanket on the floor.  We do this so that I can periodically toss it in the washer.  You can't do that with carpet, hence the blanket.

As you might be able to tell from this photo, he's getting old.  I, too, am getting old and my joints ache something fierce when I am not comfortable in bed.  I saw a great idea here and thought that it would be perfect for him.  Plus, I could wash the cover AND the pillows.  (See "Washing Pillows")

Here's the result:

I think he looks happier.  My husband says he doesn't really care 'cause he's a dog.  I think I'm right.

I've got details on how I made this bed but I need to warn anyone who actually measures when they sew and believes in using patterns.  I don't.  This was an especially bad toss-together job and it may make you cry.  If you want better directions, click on the link that I got my idea from.  She sews a lot better than I do.

First, gather your materials.  I had some icky king sized pillows that we no longer use (they're huge) and I thought three would be a great size for the bed.  I found a blanket that was falling apart on the edges and an old sheet.

Decide how big you want your bed and cut out your fabric/blanket/sheets to this size.

(My measuring job. . . want it a little wider than the three pillows.)

I wanted the finished edge to be on an edge so I didn't have to hem anything.  I only cut one side.

Sew your front to your back.

Pay attention to what you are doing.  Don't mess with any fancy stitches or you might end up breaking a needle.

When you discover that you didn't line things up just right, hack off the side that is extra.

Don't worry. . . it goes on the inside so no one will know!

Flip it right-side out and then sew the lines dividing the pillows.  It's like you are making individual pillowcases for the pillows.

Stuff the pillows in. . . . .

. . . .and make your dog lay on it.

It was at this point when I realized that I made the bed a little big.  He's an eighty pound lab but he curls up into a little, teeny tiny ball when he sleeps.  I could have gotten by with two regular pillows.

As I said, I think he likes it and I believe he will always remember me for this kindness.

If I do it again:

1) I'd make it a LOT smaller.
2) I would measure. . . or at least line things up a little better.
3) I'd make sure I had plenty of needles for the sewing machine OR I wouldn't play with the fancy stitches.  The dog probably doesn't care that I used a stitch that looks like pine trees down the back of the bed.
4) I might actually use pillowcases and just sew them together. No fancy stitches.

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