Sunday, October 28, 2012

Better Than Just a Drop

 My neighbor and I were talking and she told me about this stuff she just ordered off from QVC.  It's a product called "Just a Drop".  The gist of this stuff is that you drop a few drops into the toilet, do your thing, flush and you don't smell anything.  It  is small enough to fit into your purse to be discrete and you can carry it with you and into whatever bathroom you choose.

I had to giggle.  We have been doing the same thing at our house for years without the fancy bottle and trademark.  It's much cheaper and it works great.

Next time you are headed into the bathroom, take a bottle of essential oil with you.  I keep a bottle of eucalyptus oil in my bathroom.  Drop a few drops into the toilet water, sit down and do your thing.  Your bathroom will smell like eucalyptus, not number two.

Any sort of essential oil will work.  I keep a tiny bottle in my purse and one in my desk at work.  These days it's Jasmine oil.  I used to carry lemon oil until I realized people may be wondering if I was pooping Pledge. 

It's fine for the plumbing and it's a great way to avoid embarrassment, especially when there's someone outside the bathroom waiting for you to be done.

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