Sunday, October 7, 2012

A Last Minute Go-To Meal

As much as I try to plan our meals ahead of time, there comes the occasion where we have something come up, I don't prep in time or I just don't feel like having that for dinner.  On those occasions we have one of our "go-to" meals.

It's a go-to meal because I always have the ingredients and it takes less than thirty minutes to make with minimal prep.  It's also something everyone in the house will eat.  This is a rare occurrence. . . I generally please one child or the other and if both kids like it, I hate it.  Here is one of those meals we can all eat.

Have you ever tried one of the KFC Mashed Potato bowls? 
They're fantastic! 

I copied this for one of our go to meals.  It's probably not any healthier but it is good, filling and everyone eats it in some form or another.

You need:

Potatoes.  These will be mashed so you can use canned potatoes or instant potatoes if you prefer.  There are also frozen mashed potatoes that are very good.
Chicken strips.  Extra crispy are my favorite but extra crispy are extra costly so, unless I have a good coupon, I buy regular chicken strips.
Grated cheese
Corn.  Canned or frozen is nice. 
Chicken Gravy.  My favorite is Heinz brand.

Prepare your potatoes.  If you are making fresh, peel the potatoes and cube them small.  This should take ten minutes, tops.  Toss them into some salted water and boil for fifteen minutes.  Drain and mash with some butter and margarine.

Bake your chicken strips.  My bag says 400 degrees for fifteen minutes.

Heat the gravy and the corn.

I put everything out on the counter in bowls, including the cheese.  I hand everyone a bowl and they layer the potatoes with cheese on top, the corn, the chicken and then gravy over the whole thing.  Minimal fuss and the meal is served within thirty minutes of starting. 

The great thing is that these can be customized to taste.  I don't like my vegetables to touch anything else (no, I'm not five. . . I just didn't outgrow this stage) so I eat my bowl without the corn, rinse my bowl and then have the corn after.  My son hates gravy so he eats his without. 

We have a few other "go-to" meals that I will share in the future but I'd love to add to my go-to recipes.  Care to share your family's favorite?

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