Saturday, September 22, 2012

Tip: Getting Rid of Fruit Flies

Ever since we signed up for Door to Door Organics we have had tons of fresh produce sitting on counters in bowls and on plates.  This is normally an invitation for the fruit flies to arrive and set up housekeeping.

We have a little trick to get rid of fruit flies.

On my counter, in the back corner, I have a tiny jelly jar with 1/2 inch of red wine vinegar in the bottom.  The fruit flies are attracted to it, land in it and drown.  Once a week I dump the vinegar (and dead bugs) out, rinse the cup and refill.  Apple cider vinegar works great, too.  I use the red wine vinegar because I have an insanely sensitive schnoz and I prefer the smell of red wine vinegar to the apple cider kind.

Try it.  Within a day you will notice a big difference!

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