Sunday, September 16, 2012

Gift in a Can

Even the cheapest, lamest gifts can be awesome if you present them the right way!

This is one of my favorite ways to give a gift card or small gift.  It's a gift in a can!

Take a pop top can.  I like to use something that held fruit because 1) the kids like fruit 2) it smells nice.

This is a pop top can.  You could use a regular can but unless you are sure your recipient has a can opener that might not be a good idea!

Use a can opener that opens from the side, not the top.

Flip the can over and take the BOTTOM off from the can.  Eat what is inside.

Wash it and dry it well.  Drying will help keep it from rusting.

Decorate it.  I like using some scrapbooking paper and paper scraps.

See the cute butterfly sticker???

Add some ribbons to the tab.

I also add a tag.

Flip upside down and stuff in your present!  I like putting a crumple of tissue paper, a gift card or whatever gift I'm giving and then another crumple of tissue paper.  This can held some small scented tea lights.

Put a thin layer of hot glue around the rim of the can and fit your lid back on.

Let dry and then give!
If I do it again:

This combo of paper isn't my favorite. . . I've done much better!

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