Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Earning Spelling Points

My poor daughter has inherited my spelling genes.  Thank goodness for spell check.

She hates studying for her spelling tests almost as much as she hates taking them.  We have bribed given her some great incentives to earn 100%s on her test but she's started to employ the "forget about it until the night before" technique which is bad for my nerves and irritates her father to no end.

We started the Spelling Points system for this school year.

It's quite simple.  Both the kids have to earn twenty spelling points.  They can choose what they do and when they do it.  They have to give ME the completed task and I will give them permission to write their points down.  If they are short points by spelling test day they owe me an hour off bedtime each day of the following week, regardless of the score earned on the test. 

Here is our spelling points log.  There is glass over the top of the list so they can write their totals with a dry erase marker.

Here is our point system and how they can earn the points.


Bring the iPod and your spelling list to mom to put in the words
Work for fifteen minutes on Spelling City
Do a spelling list Word Search
Have Mom or Dad test you
Type your spelling words on the computer
Make flashcards of your spelling words
Rainbow Write your words
Spell your spelling words with scrabble tiles
Write your words two times each
Do the “Spelling Test” on your iPod
Make a Memory Game with your spelling words and play it with mom or dad
Put your spelling list on the floor in big letters
Stamp out your spelling words
Write your spelling list in stencils
Make Spelling Triangles

The one pointer is for the kids to bring their iPod to me and have me put in their spelling words on the "Spelling Test" app.  The app is free for a limited version.  All you have to do is delete the previous spelling test before putting the new list in and you can keep using the app for free.  I am lazy so I paid my dollar and now store all spelling tests.

Spelling City (2 points) is a program the school uses that we can access on our home computer.

The word search is something I make up each week using this free puzzle maker.  They can only do it once but they like to do it. 

Rainbow writing is when each letter is written in a different color pencil or marker.

Spelling triangles are when you write your spelling words in triangles.  For example, if you were writing the word THERE this is what it would look like:


I have a homework box on my table that has school supplies handy for homework time.  I've added index cards (cut in half) for flashcards and memory games, a plastic stencil sheet, an alphabet stamp set, scrabble tiles and large die cut letters.  This way, there's no excuse for not earning their points!

If I do it again:

I would make the font darker on the spelling points or use a less patterned piece of paper.  It's hard to read from any sort of distance.

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