Wednesday, August 8, 2012

What To Do with Plantable Paper

Anyone curious what happened to that plantable paper we made?  No?  You should be!

The kids (my daughter does the work while my son points out errors) are making bookmarks.  These aren't just ANY bookmarks. . . these are bookmarks that you can plant part of !

Here they are. . .

The flower top is made from plantable paper that is popped out on a sticky dot.  Pull off the flower and plant it to make new flowers in your yard!

But what does it look like when the flower is gone?  A stem without its blossom?


Brilliant, I say!  My kids are just brilliant!


  1. They are brilliant, because they take after their MOM!

    How did you do the grommet/lanyard shown at the top? I can use that for a party in September.

  2. Awww, shucks, Thanks! Flattery will get you everywhere with me! You are officially my favorite person!!!

    The grommet is a very simple, cheap fabric grommet. If you go to Walmart and look near the velcro and snaps in the fabric section you will see a bunch of grommets. Pick the size you want and you will get a box of twenty sets for around three dollars. Check the bottom of that box and it will tell you what tool set you need. That will cost you another three bucks but you can use it thousands of times. It's really easy. . . punch your hole, put the grommet in, put it in the "tool" and pound it with a hammer. We use it for tons of things - and most aren't fabric! She just stacked two strands of ribbon and threaded it through for the hanging over part.

    Let me know if you need pictures! I have an upcoming project that I show how to do the grommet but it's not scheduled to post for a few weeks. I can move it up if you want!