Friday, August 10, 2012

Stamped Washer Bookmarks

My trade show season is fast approaching and I always try to have something new every year.  My new product this year will be my stamped washer bookmarks.

The really great thing about these is that they're easy to make and very inexpensive.  You can make them as gifts and personalize them for the recipients.

You need:
Washers (zinc from the hardware store are fine.  I paid 12 cents each for mine)
Metal punch set (get one cheap online or at the craft store.  Mine is from Hobby Lobby for $11.99.  Use your 40% off coupon to save more!)
Baby Wipes
Fabric Glue

You also need a place to hammer out these letters.  It needs to be hard, like concrete, and not easily damaged.  Since I wanted to do mine indoors (it's too hot to do it outside in the garage) I splurged on a steel block.  It was $11.00.  You could do this outside - just cover your concrete with something like a flat plastic cutting board so that you don't pick up a texture on the opposite side you are pounding.

Start by placing your washer face up on the block or surface you are working on.  Pick a letter. . .

. . . and line it up.  You want to use the same technique for lining all your letters up.  I put mine right below the hole and turn the washer a slight turn before putting the next letter on.
Hold it low and hold it straight and give it a few whacks.  You will want to practice first.  Some metals are a lot softer than others and will take an impression with less.   Move on to the next letter.  Keep going until you spell something!

I went a tad crazy with these and made a few dozen.

The next step is to color in your letters.  You need a sharpie marker.  I tried blue and I tried black and I will stick with black.  The blue isn't my favorite.

Use the sharpie to color in your letters.

Immediately wipe off the top of the washer.  If it doesn't wipe off easily, use some rubbing alcohol on the baby wipe.  I used my homemade hand sanitizer and it works great!

Cut 12 inches of ribbon.  I picked a nice grosgrain black for this project.  Loop it through. . . .

. . . and add a dab of glue about a half inch up from the washer on one side of the ribbon.  Stick the two pieces together.  I decided to not glue them straight so that they split a little at the top.

Use a clothespin to hold the pieces together.

When dry, trim the top.  These will be used with the washer inside the book and the ribbon poking out the top.

If I do it again:

I should probably sew the ribbon instead of gluing it but I don't want to.  You all know how I feel about my sewing machine!

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  1. Jen, when and where will you sell these? I want some!
    Pat Sisk

    1. You are too kind! I will be doing a few trade shows this fall. I put the info on my "Jennifer's News" page on my website. . . . I'll update it with times and dates of my trade shows this fall. Thanks for the compliment!!!