Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Morning Launch Site

School started on August 14th and it took me until August 15th to realize we have a problem.

My entry way turned into a dump site.  Shoes, backpacks, binders and folders all went tumbling into a pile as soon as the kids got home.  They were eventually sorted out and homework completed but then the backpacks, neatly packed, were tossed back on to the floor.  After an incident involving my big toe and some colorful words, I decided this problem would need a solution!

Here it is:

It's an odd little corner we have between the front door (right) and the bathroom door (left).  I thought it might be perfect for a school morning launch pad.

I started with two document frames I picked up at a garage sale.  I used pretty scrapbook paper and the Sizzix to punch out the kids' names.

When you put the paper in the frame with the glass on top you have created a dry erase board.  I hung them up using the Command Strips that hold most things in my house.

The hooks are Hobby Lobby specials.  They're half off so I paid $3.99 for both of them.  It didn't come with any hardware so I used drywall anchors to put them into the wall.

See the bright silver screws?  Use a black permanent marker to color over the top and they'll blend in.

That's it!  The kids come home and drop off their backpacks on the hook.  The result:  no tripping, no cussing and a happy momma!  The top hook will be perfect for the coats during the colder months and, when company is expected, it's a simple thing to put everything away in the closet.  The kids use the dry erase board to leave notes for me (Send in school picture form) and I use it to leave notes for them (Study your spelling words BEFORE you go outside to play).  It's working!

If I do it again:

I wish I had a bigger space.  I'm on the lookout for some hanging file folders or something that I can use for the kids to deposit papers that need to be signed and other "important" things for me to see.  Right now my space is very limited so it has to be the size that stands upright, not lays on its side.  Even then, I'm not sure it will fit. 

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  1. Probably won't work with the configuration you have there, but in my pantry I have a peg with a hole in it, which just hangs off a screw. I clip all of my bills into the peg, and make sure they're in order for which needs to be paid next.
    Some form of peg whatnot should help for school papers that need signing etc. I'm just not sure where you could put it...