Sunday, August 5, 2012

Make Your Own Carpet Refresher

We call it "carpet sprinkle."  I think the proper term is "carpet refresher."  Whatever it is, I don't use much of it but I do use it a few times a month.  I know it's not great for your vacuum cleaner and I also know that they always smell really artificial.  Overwhelmingly, nauseatingly artificial.

So I decided to make my own.  The main ingredient in most commercial carpet sprinkles is baking soda.  I thought it a fine place to start.

Start with baking soda and a scent.  You could use essential oils, if you want, but they're expensive and this diffuser stuff works just as well in my opinion.

Dump the baking soda into a bowl and add your oil.  Mash up with a fork until the oils are dispersed and it's a fine mixture.

You need a jar or container to store this in.  You could put it back into the baking soda box and punch holes in the top.  You could put it in an old talcum powder bottle or other shaker bottle.  I used a canning jar with a chipped lip.  It doesn't work for canning anymore but it works great to hold my carpet sprinkle!
You might be wondering what the lid is.  It's a Parmesan Cheese lid.  Most fit the regular mouth canning jars beautifully.  Kraft is the only brand that is a tad tight. . . generic works the best!

Sprinkle on to your carpet where you need a bit of refreshing.  I tend to lightly sprinkle our carpet every two weeks just to get any sort of funky smell out that has been tracked in.  Vacuum as you usually do.  This smells much better than commercial brands and you don't need as much. 

Total cost:
$.99 for the scent (clearance at Bath and Body Works - we have an outlet store near us)
$.39 for the baking soda
Total = about $1.50 including tax

Not too bad!

If I do it again:

I would use a different scent.  The "Frosted Cupcake" scent I used is very nice - kind of a sweet vanilla smell.  I prefer something a bit spicier: cinnamon, cloves or ginger.  This particular scent was on clearance and you can't beat a 99 cent bottle of scent.

Shared at Frugal by Choice.  Check out her blog!


  1. Amazing how well it works! Love the parm top idea! We have 2 large dogs and the carpet can get smelly fast. I often sprinkle before bed and vacuum in the morning to let the baking soda absorb as much as possible.

    1. I love how fast it makes the entire house smell great! And, the vacuum cleaner no longer smells like old socks. This stuff keeps the bags and filters smelling nice!

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