Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Fixing a Fugly

I adore candles but I always forget to blow them out when I leave the house.  Knowing this, I rarely light them and will leave myself notes stuck to the car door when I do.  The guilt I would have if I accidentally burned down our house is not something I think I could live with.

I was quite excited to find a candle warmer at a garage sale.  I paid my two bucks and took home this beauty:

I think the proper term is "fugly".  Not exactly my style.

But I wanted it. . . bad!  So I fixed it.  It took an afternoon of patience and two colors of spray paint.

I taped off the little light at the back, part of the cord and around the top and gave it a coat of spray paint.  You may recognize this as the color I used on the frame of my menu board.  It also happens to be the color of my husband's wheelbarrow.

It was a bit blah so I went ahead and taped off the top half.  I used painters tape and a bag.

I sprayed the bottom ring part a flat black which I also had in the garage from a previous project.

Much better!  Add your candle, plug in and enjoy the scent!  

If I do it again:

If I wasn't so cheap I would probably get a different color of spray paint.  I happen to really like hammered bronze.  Stencils might be nice, too, but I'm not too sure how busy I wanted this piece to be. 


  1. Interesting...I had to look up "candle warmer" in Wick(pun)-o-pedia to see what a it was. I don't get out too much.

    I see (via Wick-o-pedia) that these will use up all the scent in the candle, so if the wick stays, you have a burnable, scentless candle as a result.

    I'm wondering if...and this extends your tutorial a bit...you can keep adding scented oils to the same, melted, hardened, remelted candle? Does that work??

    You should come to my garage sale sometime...I've got LOTS of fuglies you can have for almost NOTHING...!

    1. Nice pun! I didn't know these things existed, either, until I saw one at the kids' school. I looked around for one but couldn't find one I was willing to pay the price on. They're expensive to get for a full sized jar candle!

      I'm not too sure if we could keep adding oils to the candle to extend the scent life of it. I do have a use for the wax, though. We make "firestarters" with them. It's just a combo of sawdust and newspaper all held together with wax to keep them dry. We take them camping and hiking (NOT THIS YEAR!! TOO DRY FOR FIRES!!!) and they're great to get a blaze started, especially if the wood or ground is a bit damp. I also let my daughter pour her own candles into jars with the leftover wax. You can buy wicks at the craft store and she gets to decorate the jars her way.

      I will have to look into re-scenting the candles, though. I have a feeling we will have a lot of wax that I can't use!