Friday, August 17, 2012

Alcohol Ink Washer Ornaments

While purchasing washers for my bookmarks, I saw a box of HUGE washers. They were ten for $3.99 so I picked them up thinking that I would do something with them.  They're very cool looking and measure almost three inches across!  BIG!

I recently discovered alcohol ink and, while not a fan of the staining qualities (my hands), I do love the results.  I decided to try my inks on the washers.  Here are my results:

These were very easy and very fast to make.

You will need:
alcohol ink in two colors.  I chose red pepper and black ink
wire - I used 22 gauge
leftover beads
sticker letters

Start by picking out some Christmas words and putting them on your washer.

Cut up a piece of felt and fold it into an applicator shape.  Mine is roughly triangular.

Dot on your alcohol inks. . .

. . . . and dab on to your washer, covering the entire thing.  Dab, dab and keep dabbing.  This ended up too black for my taste so I cut another piece of felt and went over the whole thing with just red.  The inks blend very well.

Let dry.  It will only take a few minutes.  Apply ink to the edges and let dry.

Pull off the sticker letters.

You may want to seal these to prevent fading.  Check to make sure your sealer won't cause the ink to run into your blank letter spaces.  I found flat sealers don't run but glossy ones do.  I coated these with flat, first, and then gave them a glossy coating.

Time to decorate them!  I took an 18 inch length of wire and started wrapping it around the washer.  I added beads to a few of the turns.

Add your ribbon hanger.  I wanted a few hanging beads so I took some leftover wire and turned the end.

Round nose pliers are the easiest way to do this.  String your beads and wrap around the ribbon.  You are finished!

Total cost for this project was less than a dollar apiece.  The stickers are leftovers and the ink can be bought at Joann's for $2.99 each with a coupon or at 40% off (they periodically go on sale).  Raid your old jewelry. . . earrings would look cute hanging from the ribbons. . . and find the ribbon around the house or re-purposed from old gift bags or wrappings.  Have fun!

If I do it again:

I wish I had another color of red. . . something nice but a little more contrasting.  I'd use three colors instead of two and make it look really marbled.

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