Friday, July 27, 2012

Some Blog Project Updates

There are three projects that I've finished up or improved upon that I thought I'd share.  Click on the heading to see the original posting.


I've made a few batches of this marvelous stuff and have discovered a few things.  First, I replace the baking soda in the original recipe with arrowroot.  It seems to be a bit gentler on my underarms and it works just as well.  You can find arrowroot in your health food store or in the "healthy" section of your grocery store.  It's with the cornstarch.

The other major improvement I made to the deodorant was with the application.  I have a lot of old deodorant bottles laying around so decided to utilize one of them for my recipe.  I took a roll on container and carefully pried out the ball with a flat butter knife (I'm not endorsing this. . . just saying what I did!  If you hurt yourself don't blame me!).  I found that, if I added two tablespoons extra of coconut oil to the recipe, the deodorant turned to liquid very easily.  In the morning, I fill my sink with a few inches of hot water and plop my roll on bottle in there.  I shower and, when I'm out and ready for deodorant, it is melted and rolls on quite easily.  It's easier than scooping it out of a jar, less messy and I don't inadvertently overdo it.  

Laundry Soap

I ADORE this stuff!  It gets everything so much cleaner than Tide ever did for me.  I don't care to have my clothes smelling strongly of laundry soap but I do enjoy a nice, light scent.  The original recipe is almost odorless so I added some Purex Scent Crystals to my soap.  I add about 30 ounces to a batch of laundry soap and my clothes now have a light scent to them.

Stamped Flower Pot

This was a fun little project!  I put a few of my spider babies in the pot and they're doing nicely!  This ended up going to Grammy's house.

That's it for the updates!  I am sure that there will be more "improvements" made to projects in the future and I will be sure to keep you updated!

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