Thursday, July 12, 2012

Making Soap with the Kids

This is such a fun craft to do with the kids and the results can even be gift worthy!

We made soap.

This soap smells pretty, exfoliates and is super moisturizing.

You need:

One bar of Ivory Soap
Essential Oils in a nice scent
Olive Oil
Coarse Cookie Decorating Sugar in a pretty color

Also grab a cookie cutter in the shape you want (or a bunch of cookie cutters) and some waxed paper or other paper.  Old newspaper would work great, too.

Put a piece of waxed paper or newspaper inside your microwave on the plate.  Cover most of the inside bottom of your microwave.  Put the bar of Ivory soap in the middle and microwave on high for two minutes.

Wait for it. . . . 

 There it goes!

Pretty cool, huh!?!?  Don't worry, it's hard, not soft like soap bubbles.  And it's soap so, really, how messy is this mess exactly?

Take it out and let it cool.  It takes about twenty minutes.  Put it into a bowl. . .

. . .  and start breaking it up with your hands.  It should be the consistency of powder.  Chunks are okay.  If you come across a piece of the soap that didn't expand and is soft and sticky, re-microwave just that part.  We usually find a soft and sticky middle that we have to put back in for an additional minute.

It should look like this when you break it apart.

Sprinkle in some of your sugar.  I didn't measure but would guess about two tablespoons.
Add your essential oil.  I like Jasmine.  Add to your taste. . . some people like it stronger than others!

Now start adding in olive oil one teaspoon at a time.  Use a fork to mix and keep adding the oil until the soap just BARELY starts to stick together.

This is good!  Pack it into your cookie cutter and gently push the molded soap out.  You want to really pack it in.

Dry overnight at least.  It won't be quite as firm as the Ivory soap bar you originally started with but it will be solid.

Package up pretty and give as a gift or be selfish (like me) and keep them for yourself!

It's a fun craft to do with the kids.  To make it easier and less fancy, you can skip the sugar and use water instead of olive oil.  Other times, I've added some food coloring and water to the soap and let the kids pack some huge cookie cutters with the mix.  Showering is just more fun when they're using something they've made! 

If I do it again:

Normally I do clean up.  I push the excess soap on to the floor and sweep it up (adding water is a bad idea until you get most of it picked up.)  This time I had the kids do clean up.  They tossed the bowls and cookie cutters into the dishwasher without rinsing.  I didn't notice.  I figured this out when I was running the dishwasher and it started spouting foam everywhere.  SO my "if I do it again" will be:  I will make sure the dishes are rinsed BEFORE loading them into the dishwasher.

I shared this project on Frugal By Choice.  Take a peek at her blog. . . it's one of my favorites!

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