Monday, July 9, 2012

Lemon Slice Cubes

My son has this thing with water and lemon.  He loves lemon in his water.  He loves to go out to eat so that he can order a "water with lemon".  The child drinks no soda but he will down a gallon of water, if it has lemons.

The reason he likes to order this when we go out is because I rarely have lemons around the house.  If I do, I bought them for a specific purpose and they don't ever make it to his water.  The last time we went grocery shopping he graced me with his presence and asked for some lemons for his water.  I agreed and bought two.

This is what we did with them.

Those are ice cubes with a slice of lemon frozen in the middle.  Pretty simple. . .

Take clean ice cube trays.  I say clean because our hasn't been used since we bought our fridge six years ago and they were gross!

I halved, then quartered, then eighth'd my lemons.  Cut each wedge in half.  I also cut the white tips off each wedge and they fit perfectly.

Fill with water and freeze!  The lemons tend to juice a bit when they freeze so the cubes are yellowish and sour when done.  We put them into a container for convenience and he's been enjoying his ice water with lemon all week!

If I do it again:

Someday I will find a silicone muffin pan at a garage sale nice and cheap!  I will buy it and then do slices of lemons on the round side.  Won't that be pretty!?!?


  1. I need to know how to ask you a question. Newsletter emails are 'no reply' and this comment box isn't exactly an "ask a question" venue.

    I have over two dozen GORGEOUS vintage prisms from an old (50s) light fixture. Aside from selling the whole thing on eBay, I'm curious if there is anything in your stash of brilliant ideas (I'm very serious about have GREAT craft ideas) where I can use these (preferably as light catchers) in a new, innovative way. I've long done the 'string them and set them in a window' idea; but now I'd like something different; permanent; showcas-y. (wow, now I'm being creative with vocabulary words--geez).

    Anything come to mind?


  2. Thanks for the compliment! I'm blushing! If you ever do decide to sell them on eBay, let me know 'cause I'd bid :)

    What I would do is make angels out of them. Use the prisms for the bottom and some crystal hearts for the wings. You could use almost any color for the wings and a larger round crystal for the head. I'd string them with some pretty silver jewelry wire - try a shiny tiger tail wire - and use a crimp to hold it all together. You would also need another crimp at the top to make a loop to hang with.

    If you are comfortable sending me your email address, I can send you a photo of what I mean. My daughter and I will probably be making a bunch for my trade shows in the fall so a tutorial will eventually make it up on this blog :)

    Here's a link to a photo of kind of what I was thinking except I'd use the heart crystals for the wings. Laid sideways they would look great as wings! This is a photo of an etsy product. . . don't know the seller just thought this looked a little like my vision.

    Also. . . if you like the wings that she has, you can get them at . You can also get your crystals there cheaper than you can probably find them in the stores.

    Good luck! I'd love to see a finished photo!

    These would VERY make nice sun catchers in the garden; they are also SO much nicer hanging in the window to catch the sun than the set up I used many years ago. (But that set up had it's rewards: imagine 14 of these 3" vintage prisms in an east window...and waking to a BILLION rainbows splashed on a soft purple wall...oooozeezies! Morning was the best part about that apartment!!)

    I would prefer not to send my email address through this comment trail. But if I come up with something different in addition to your great suggestion, I'll surely send it along.

    Keep up the good work. I don't know how you find all these great ideas to send something so GOOD every week!


  4. I have some great 1920s/1930s refrigerator recipe books (from back when fridges were new and people needed ideas for things to put into them!) -- and these old books are full of little tricks like this.

    1. I bet those books are so much fun to read! I'd love to come across one or two to peruse!