Friday, June 22, 2012

Waxed Paper Envelopes

I gave one of my lotion bars to a very good friend who took it into work.  She came home with several "orders" from people who wanted to purchase some of my lotion bars.  Wow!

I made up a batch with some of the beeswax I get from my local guy (leave a comment if you want his contact info.  His beeswax is awesome!).  I needed a good way to wrap them up. . . I can't just toss them into a ziplock bag if I am actually going to get paid for these!!

I came up with this:

It's a wax paper bag.  I wasn't too sure how this would work since waxed paper's purpose is a non stick surface. . . . how was I going to stick the seams together?  Turns out it wasn't that hard.


Waxed paper
Ruler (or eyeball it)
tape runner

Pull a piece of paper off that is twice the width you want it to be plus an inch.  I wanted mine to be four and a half inches wide so I pulled off a ten inch sheet.

Fold one side into the middle and crease.

Pull the other side in OVERLAPPING by about an inch.

And fold the bottom up about 3/4 inch.

Unfold. . . .
. . . and cut away the two corners on the fold lines.

Run a tape strip up the short side of the flap you fold to the middle.  Stick and then run a tape strip on the bottom flap and fold up.  You now have a bag.

Cut the top down to the desired height and stuff with whatever you made your bag for!

I printed some simple labels on the computer and stuck it to the front.  Definitely classier than a zip lock bag!

If I do it again:

Confession time:  I ran out of the tape runner and just used regular tape on the last few bags.  It's not as nice looking but it worked great.

1.  I'd use fancy scissors to cut all the sides.  You see the seams and I think a fancy cut would look nice.

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