Sunday, June 24, 2012

Menu Board with Shopping List

I was telling my husband that we needed a better way to shop.  I was finding that I'm going to the grocery store three times a week and usually purchasing more than we need.  I needed a way to keep an ongoing list and a way to quickly organize everything.  This is what I came up with.

This hangs on the back of my pantry door.  There's a spot for me to do the menu for the week, a spot for the shopping list and a little spot for "notes" to myself.  I use a wet erase marker on the glass and it works beautifully!

I started with this:

It's a garage sale find.  I paid a quarter for the frame with glass and picture.  I wasn't really interested in the picture so I pulled the glass and pic out of the frame and spray painted the frame with some leftover spray paint my husband had from painting the wheelbarrow.   The color is a hammered bronze color so I picked some scrapbook paper to compliment it.

I just turned the picture over and taped/glued the papers to the back.  It measures fifteen inches wide and nineteen inches long so I had to do some cutting and piecing.

I cut a 12x12 piece in half and sent it through the printer for my MENU side.

Line it up, tape it down and add a ribbon trim under "menu".

I just taped it right to the mat.  I didn't need to worry about keeping it smooth since the glass was going over the top.

I also sent a piece of paper through the printer for "shopping list".  I layered a few pieces before taping those down.

The top right is a leftover scrap cut to fit.  I use it for notes to myself like "Cook 7 chicken breasts on Tuesday - use leftovers on Thursday".

I cut half inch strips of black cardstock and sent it through my crimper to provide a border. 

Put the glass and photo back into the frame and restaple if needed.

I hang almost everything in my house with these.
 These allow you to hang almost anywhere without having to put a hole in the wall or door.  I hung this on the inside of my pantry door.

I wasn't sure how I'd feel about having to rewrite the shopping list on another piece of paper before I could go to the store but I like it.  The kids add to the shopping list as they see fit and it's nice to be able to take a look to see if I REALLY need something before heading off to the store.  My daughter has the habit of adding macaroni and cheese to the list if we're down to four boxes or less so I can take a peek before heading to the store.

So far this is working great and I'm down to one shopping trip a week.  We just do without if it didn't make it to the list.  The kids are learning quite quickly that, if they want it, it better be on the list!

If I do it again:

1.  I would pick a frame that spanned my door a little better.  This one is off center because centering it perfectly would put the command strips in the decorative "groove" and it wouldn't hold.  I needed a frame either an inch narrower or an inch wider.

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