Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A Group Gift

This is one of those projects that didn't turn out at all like I had envisioned but I do like the result.  I was in charge of putting together a group gift and I thought that a gift card tree would be a neat thing to do.

This is what it turned out to be:

The gift cards are all on those florist picks that come in bouquets to hold the cards.  The local florist gave me the picks for free.  The plant is a philodendron. . .very hardy and can thrive almost anywhere.

It's plain and simple but when the gift cards and florist picks are pulled out she will have a pretty houseplant to enjoy. 

If I do it again:

Someday I would like to do a gift card tree as a group gift but finding the right stand on a small time frame was impossible for me at this point.  I also couldn't find a potted tree that wasn't hideously expensive or that would need to be transplanted outside.  I will keep my eyes open and pick up a few appropriately sized stands when I come across them!

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