Saturday, June 30, 2012

Crock Pot Baked Potatoes

I hate "baked" potatoes done in the microwave.  To me, they just take on this taste.  I can always tell when I'm being served a nuked or reheated potato.

Summertime isn't the best time of year for baked potatoes but they tend to be a staple at our house.  How do we make baked potatoes without running the oven and heating up the house?  The crock pot.

I've done this as long as I can remember but I found out that not many people know this trick.  If you do, my apologies and I promise something more exciting will be posted in three days.

Pick out your spuds.  I prefer Idaho Potatoes but there's entire articles online devoted to the best type of potato so you can make an informed decision if you so choose.

Clean them.  The best way to clean your taters is with water and a greenie.  We keep a special greenie for veggies and this one doesn't ever scrub out gross pans.  (I do put the greenie in the dishwasher after I use it.  Just fold it in half and put it in a silverware cup. Run the load as usual.)

Wrap your potatoes in foil.  Again, if you know how to do this, skip this posting and come back in three days.  Here's my directions.

Pull off a piece of foil that's about the length of your hand.  If you have super huge potatoes, grab more.  If they're tiny, tear your foil in half (width ways).

Place the foil on your counter SHINY SIDE UP.  This is the "reflection" side.  Why? you ask.  Because the shiny side will reflect the heat AWAY from your potato if you put the shiny side out.  Shiny side needs to go in to cook the spud quicker.  Put your spud on a corner and roll up from corner to corner. 

And fold the edges in, covering the rest of the potato.  See?  Less foil used, all is covered and there's no big foil lumps where you had to fold the excess down.

Put your spuds in the crock pot.
Lid it and cook on high for four hours or low for six to eight.

Don't add water, oil or anything else to the crock pot.  It should just be your foil wrapped spuds in the bottom.  They'll come out perfectly done, fluffy and without the nuked taste that microwaves tend to leave.

You are welcome.

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  1. Potatoes also cook perfectly in a crock pot without the foil. It will save you some time and money too!

    1. Good to know! We often salt our skins so we use the foil to keep the salt on but this is a great tip for those times we are going plain.