Monday, June 18, 2012

Citrus Vinegar

I went to buy a Swiffer Wet Jet refill and realized that the price jumped. . . again.  These things are now over $6 apiece.  I don't use it to deep clean my floors but I do use it for touch ups in between.  I've tried the tricks to refill the bottles myself but don't care for any of them.  I tend to get bottles that leak after a few refills.  I decided to buy this:
Twenty-nine bucks at Walmart and you can refill the bottle yourself.

I'm not too sure how I like it yet because I've used my Swiffer for over five years and the balance of this is a little different.  I can say that I love the fact that I can refill the bottle with whatever I want and there's no leaking.

I have hardwood floors that I like to mop at least twice a week.  I have two dogs, two kids and muddy spots in the backyard so our floors need a bit of attention.  Once a month I fill a big bucket with some antibacterial soap and another with clear water, put a pillow under my bad knee and scoot around scrubbing and rinsing every inch.  In between the deep cleanings I want something that is quick and easy and good for my floor.

The mop bottle gets filled with a mixture of citrus vinegar and water.  It smells great and does an excellent job of cleaning up any mess.

To make the citrus vinegar you need peels from citrus fruit and white vinegar.

The kids know to save their peels.  We put them in a bag in the fridge until I'm ready to use them.  We have lots of uses for citrus peels!

This bunch has clementine, lime, lemon and orange peels in it.  I try to keep as much of the fruit out of the peel because it has sugar and I'm not too keen on the idea of putting sugar on my floors - even the tiny bit that the fruit would bring.

Stuff them into a jar or some sort of container.  I used a milk jug. . .

. . . and pour your vinegar over the top.  Let it sit for a few weeks and it's ready to use.  The citrus will cover the scent of the vinegar and vinegar is marvelous for cleaning.  Another plus is that we don't have ants in our kitchen, even in the springtime months.  Vinegar gets rid of the little ant trails they leave.  It's a trick someone told me a long time ago and it has worked well for us. 

To use:  Mix a squirt bottle or other bottle with half citrus vinegar and half water.  Spray and wipe!

If I do it again:

I'm not sure if I would buy the Bona Curve mop.  I don't like how it balances.  I'm not one for change, though, so I'm thinking that the O Cedar mop I was debating against probably wouldn't have made me happy, either.  I'll get used to it!

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