Sunday, July 15, 2012

Chalkboard Flower Pots

I found myself in a situation where I wanted to give two hostess type gifts but I was at a loss of what to give.

I found these:

There are two and they are gorgeous orchids in terra cotta pots.  There is actually a liner inside the terra cotta pot so I assumed  it would be an easy thing to pull out the plant, decorate the pot and slip it back inside.  You know what they say about assuming. . . .

Anyway, it didn't cooperate.  The darn liners were stuck - probably glued in by some guy who didn't realize the creative options he was stifling.  We're adaptable so we adapted.

We decided to turn our terra cotta pot into a chalkboard pot.  This way, we could write our messages of thanks and love on the pot but it wasn't permanent.  If the recipients wanted to wipe it off and write something witty or fun on the pots themselves, they could.

Start by taping off any area you don't want painted.  I thought a two toned pot would be cool so I taped off the rim.

Since my chalkboard paint was a spray paint, I needed to cover the plant.  I took a grocery bag and cut a round hole in it.  I slid the plant into the bag and taped the bag to the blue tape already there.

 It's tied loosely at the top.

Spray paint your pot.  You could do any color.  We decided to go chalkboard.

Let dry and remove your tape and bag.

Write your message with chalk and give as a gift!

If I do it again:

Two coats of spray paint would definitely be better but the kids did these and one time with the spray paint was enough for my nerves.  Next time it will be two coats!

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