Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Chalkboard Clock

I needed an end of the year thank you gift for some fabulous teachers and this is what the kids and I came up with:

These are clocks.  Instead of the traditional numbers, there are math problems written in.

We thought these are fun!  The clock face can be wiped clean and new problems written in so it can be tailored to whatever concept is currently being taught in math.

This was a fun project to do with the kids and it was fairly inexpensive.


Tray, plate or some other flat surface to use as your clock face
chalkboard paint
Clock kit with hands that are long enough.  Ours measure six inches.  Check your craft store.  We got ours off from eBay.

We found some thirteen inch trays that looked like they'd be great for this project.  Drill a hole in the middle.  Tape off your sides and paint.  Tip:  Use spray chalkboard paint so you don't get brush marks.

Put a few coats on it and let dry completely for at least a day.

Our clock hands were black which wasn't good for the clock we were making so I gave them a quick coat of some spray primer I had handy.  I then painted a layer of glow in the dark paint over the top.  It gives them a light yellow look but they do glow!

Assemble your clock kit per directions.

It usually comes like this.  Take all the pieces apart. . .

. . . and assemble.

Read the directions on your chalkboard paint on how to "season" your chalkboard.  Also, when using the chalk on the clock face, it's better to run the chalk on some paper first.  It "softens" the chalk and makes it easier to write with.

Add your math problems, put in a battery and hang it up!

If I do it again:

I'd go bigger.  The clock face isn't quite big enough to get complex problems on there.  It's probably not a big deal for a second or fourth grade teacher but older grades would probably benefit from some algebra equations!

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