Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Hanging Belt Rack

I have a lot of belts.  When you combine them with my husband's belts, we have a massive amount of belts.  Wouldn't you know, we can never find the one we want when we want it.

This is because we put the buckle of the belts over the top of a hanger and hang it on the rod with the clothes.  The clothes get pushed on each side of the belt and it effectively disappears.  Sometimes forever.

I was very frustrated this morning when I couldn't find the belt I wanted so I decided to do something about it.  Here's my solution:

Pretty?  No.  Functional?  yes.

I made two and used two wooden pant hangers.  These are the ones that squeeze together and hold the bottom of your pant leg so that you don't get the hanger mark in your pants.  Good in theory but it never worked for us so I have a few hanging around (pardon the pun!).

You can use any sort of wooden hangar you would like.  I would suggest measuring so that you don't get the hooks too close together.  1 3/4 inches apart worked well for us.  Mark where the hooks are to go.

Decide what type of hooks you want.  I had a boatload of these laying around from when I bought a multi pack of cup hooks, eyelets and hangars.  I couldn't find a purpose for these until now.

Drill your holes shallow.  You don't want a drill bit that is too big but don't go too small, either.

Once the holes are drilled, you want to screw in your hooks.  I dipped the bottom part in glue to give it a little bit more hold.

Screw them in and you are done! 

Total time for this project is less than a half hour from start to hanging belts.

If I do it again:

1.  I'd use the round cup hooks versus these.  These were tough on the fingers to screw in because there wasn't much to hang on to and the end poked into your skin.

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