Monday, May 28, 2012

Glittered Bottle

I have a thing for glass bottles.  If I like the shape, I will soak it, pull off the label and put it somewhere "safe" until I can find a use for it.  It has to go somewhere safe because my husband doesn't see the same possibilities that I do with glass.  He makes a recycle run every month or so with what I haven't used.

He also doesn't like glitter.  He actually has a serious aversion to glitter.  I, on the other hand, love it.  I have learned not to use it anywhere he is.  Glitter tends to get everywhere despite the efforts to contain it.  He always knows when I've gotten the glitter out.

My daughter finished a bottled soda last night and I liked the simple shape of the bottle.  I made this:

This is one of those projects I heard about and thought "really?"  Because this is what you use:

The person telling me about it said Mop and Glow works best but I didn't have any and I didn't want to buy some just for an experiment.  I used what I had on hand.

Glass bottle/container
Floor Cleaner

First, squirt some cleaner in your bottle and swirl it around, coating all sides.

Dump the excess back.

Dump a bunch of glitter into the bottle (or as my niece would say, "a junk of glitter").   There are no photographs of this step because I realized I should probably do this outside so that Brian didn't get crazy over the glitter in the kitchen.  He seriously hates the stuff. . . . he went to our son's Valentine's Day party and someone accidentally spilled glitter everywhere.  You should have seen the look on his face when the teacher offered him her glitter covered chair to sit in to lead his group!  He demanded my sweatshirt to put over it.  Since I don't mind a bit of sparkle I gave it gladly.  But, I digress. . . .

Anyway. . . . swirl the glitter around to coat the inside of your bottle.  Dump the excess out.  You can probably save it because it wasn't wet or clumpy but I didn't know this.  I was looking for a place to dump the glitter so I didn't have to take it back inside the house so I tossed it into a hole that the dog had put next to the fence.  I wouldn't recommend that for two reasons.  First, because the wind was blowing and second, because there was a whole lot more glitter than I thought there would be.  A big ol' pile of glitter.  I ended up tossing some potting soil over the top and putting grass seed over that so this project was a two-fer.  Lawn patching and glitter bottles.  Again I digress. . . .

Let it dry.  I wouldn't put liquids in there without sealing it with something but I intend on putting in the spare bedroom to look pretty so I won't bother. 
 Check out that dusty lamp! 

If I do it again:

1.  Definitely not on a windy day.
2.  I will do pink glitter.  And purple glitter.  And maybe a teal glitter.   I'll also use jars so I can use them as pencil holders!

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