Sunday, April 22, 2012

Wrapping with Cello and Fun with Curling Ribbon

If I had a nickle for every time someone asked me how to wrap with cellophane, I'd have ten cents.  Since I'm sure this amounts to half my readership,  I will go ahead and post an entry about it!

I love cello!  Cello is that crinkly, clear plastic that you see wrapping those high end gift baskets.  It dresses up every gift and is inexpensive to boot!  I like to buy my rolls of cello at the dollar store and on clearance after the holidays but you can grab it in the gift wrap section of your stores if you need it quick.

My latest gift basket wrapped in cello:

Quite easy and fairly inexpensive.

You will need a roll of cello and some twist ties.  The twist ties will make this job SO much easier so make sure to grab them.  Also grab a pair of scissors and something to stabilize the items in your basket.  I use tissue paper.

I crumple up a piece of tissue paper or two and add it to the bottom of my basket.  You can use re-positional glue dots to hold some of the items in place if you wish.  I don't.

Cut a square of cello about four to five times as wide as your widest point of the basket.  Put your basket in the middle.

Draw up the four corners working in opposites.  For example, draw up corner one and three together and then add corner two and four.

This photo is a great example of why I need a professional photographer!  Using both hands (and an additional pair or two if you have them) smooth up the rest of the cello and gather any parts that gap.  Put your twist tie on.

Now decorate!  I usually wrap a piece of ribbon around the twist tie and then glue or wire on a bow, a flower or another piece of decorative embellishment.  For this basket I made an embellishment out of curling ribbon. 

You can buy curling ribbon in the gift wrap section of your store.  Make sure it says that it's "curling ribbon".  I used four colors.

Decide how full you want your bow to be.  I cut off two pieces of each color for a total of eight pieces.

Stack your pieces and eyeball the half way point.  It doesn't have to be even since you are curling these!  Tie a piece of ribbon at the half way point.

Fold the curling parts of the ribbon together (my original eight pieces) and staple.

Now curl the pieces!  You open a pair of scissors and use your thumb to hold the ribbon to the blade.  Pull and your ribbon will curl.  BE CAREFUL!
Remember that the faster you pull your ribbon through, the tighter your curl will be.  If you go slower, your curl will be looser.  You can re-curl your ribbon up to three times without it falling apart (usually).  Also try to curl in the direction that the curl was on the roll.  This means that you will put the "wrong" side of the ribbon down on the blade so that the natural curl of the ribbon is over the blade, not away from the blade.

Keep curling each piece of ribbon.

When you are done,  take the two ends of the ribbon you tied on the middle and wrap it around the twist tied part of your basket.  This will effectively cover up the twist tie.  I wrap it around and then tie it back in the front so that each piece of ribbon goes completely around the tie, not just half way.  Either snip those ends or curl them, too.

Example of a basket with tight curls:

And with loose curls mixed in:

Either way it looks nice!

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