Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Stationary Basket

Stationary baskets make such nice gifts!  I've given them as thank you gifts, hostess gifts and birthday gifts.  They're quite fun to make!

To make this particular container you will need:

Metal container.  I used an oval shape.
Fake flower of some sort
Rhinestone for the center
Hot Glue Gun and extra glue sticks

You will start by pulling one of the blossoms off from the stem.  Flip it upside down and remove the back.

Pull the front off and you will be left with multiple layers.

Start gluing each layer on to your bucket with the hot glue.  Only glue one layer at a time.

Keep gluing, stacking each layer on top of the rest.  When you run out of layers, glue on your rhinestone.

Easy, peazy!  You are done!!

The fun part is finding things to fill the bucket with.

I had a lot of fun making different cards out of scraps of paper and some embellishments I had laying around.  I made two sizes - the traditional sized card that fits an A-2 envelope and smaller cards that fit the florist envelopes.  The smaller cards are perfect to put on gifts.  They're much classier than the scrap of wrapping paper with "to" and "from" hastily scrawled on the back!  I also added a stack of tags and some matching ribbon to attach them to gift bags.  Finally, a pretty pen is added.

Variety of cards. . . .

Teeny cards.  I put them in a cello bag with their envelopes.

Tags and ribbon.  This is in a plastic pillow box I happened to have laying around but they are easy to make.  I will post a tutorial soon on these!

Pen.  Check your craft stores or the dollar section of Target.
Into the bucket. . . .
. . . and ready for gift giving!

If I do it again:

1.  No more curling ribbon.  I made seven of these and my thumb was cramped when I was done!
2.  This could be filled with store bought cards or any sort of stationary product.  It would also be fun filled with a note pad, box of crayons and stickers for a neat gift for a child.

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