Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Wrapping Paper Mailing Envelopes

I found myself in a situation where I needed a bubble mailer and I didn't have one.  I hate buying them and tend to recycle ones that I've received in the mail but I was out.  So I made one!

These are very easy and turned out quite nice!  Here's what you need:

*Wrapping Paper (use some of your thicker stuff. . . the super thin stuff will tear.)
* Bubble Wrap
*Spray adhesive
*Sewing Machine

Start out by cutting off a piece of wrapping paper that is about two inches larger than you want your envelope to be.  Cut a second piece with an additional two inches on one end.  Cut two pieces of bubble wrap that are the exact size you want the envelope to be.  Don't worry about measuring or being exact. . . you will fix everything later and it's more trouble than it's worth to be precise here.

Add a layer of spray adhesive to one side of your bubble wrap and to the backside of the shorter piece of paper.  Stick the bubble wrap to the middle.  Repeat with the second piece of bubble wrap but leave a bit of extra space on the top for the flap.  I sprayed the sides that had the bubbles sticking up because that's what the real envelopes do!  

See how the piece on the right is a bit longer?  That's to accommodate for the flap.  Match up your bubble wrap and stick the two pieces of paper together.  Cut the paper down to the bubble wrap on the piece that's on the back.  You can see that I did that on the left side of the photo below.  The other sides are stuck together and the bubble wrap matches.

Now sew!  I used a really wide zig zag stitch but a wider straight stitch would work, too.  Sew only the three sides.

Here's a close up. . . .

Trim it.  You could use some fancy scrapbook scissors and make a pretty edge or you could go the lazy way and use your paper cutter (yes, that's what I did).  Stuff the bag and fold the flap over.  The spray adhesive holds it but I added a little tape, too.

Much nicer than what is sold at the stores!  Add a coordinating label and it's ready for the mail!

The nice thing is that it took about ten minutes from start to finish and it take a lot longer than that to drive to the store to buy one.  Plus, I did this with stuff I had on hand so it was free. Yeah!!!

If I do it again:

1.  I will put something down on my table to take care of the spray adhesive over spray.  Clean up was not fun.
2.  I will make a bunch at a time and I will not make them so big!  I didn't need one this big but I was playing with the design, trying to decide how I was going to make it and I allowed too much extra space.
3.  I will also use up some of my old gift bags to make these.


  1. OMG! VERY useful idea. I can't wait to use all that end-season Christmas wrapping paper for THIS year's mailed gifts to the kids!

    About that spray glue...a good tip so you can use that large can for more than one project ('cause the glue hardened in the nozzle between project one and project two??). When done with your project and before capping & storing, turn the can upside down and spray out the glue that's still inside the tube and valve system (outside ONLY!). When the glue is cleared out, you'll hear the difference in the air stream. (Stop right away cause if you blow out too much, you'll eventually release all the pressure). This works wonders...I've kept a single can of 3M spray glue for over 2 years with this trick!

    1. Thanks for the tip! I'm one of those that takes a pin to the nozzle (exactly the way they say NOT to do)!!! I will try this!!!