Thursday, March 29, 2012

Stamped Flower Pot

This is a nice, quick and easy project that you can do with your kids!  We made this:

Out of this:

It's a cheap terra cotta pot from WalMart.  Paint it with your acrylic paints.  We mixed a bunch of blues together to make a "custom color" because, somehow, that was much cooler than buying the perfect blue!

Pick out a stamp that would work well for your flower pot.  You don't want anything with too much detail.  The stamp can be big or small but remember that a lot of little lines will be harder to get right.  We picked a flower that had big scribble lines.

Dab on your paint with a round or foam brush to the stamp.  Don't overload it because it will get gloppy.

Now roll it on to your stamp.  I like to hold the pot steady and push the stamp directly on the pot.  Carefully rock the stamp one way to the edge and then back to the other side.  Don't slide the stamp or it will smear.

The really neat thing about this project is that you can always wipe off your mess up and paint over it with your original color.  We did that a few times!

Almost done. . . . . but wait!  We want to splatter this pot!  Mix up some paint with an equal part of water so that it's really runny.  Take it outside.  We took off our shoes, socks and put on old shorts.  It got messy!

Dip a long bristled brush in the paint mixture and use your fingers to flick it at the pot, making a fine paint spray.  This is why you do it outside!  Spin the pot and cover all sides.

Let it dry and then spray a coat of sealer on the outside so that this pot is functional as a flower pot.  This one will go to Grammy with a few gardening goodies inside. . . a set of nice gardening gloves, a trowel and a variety of bulbs.

If I do it again:

I would take the pot out on to the grass to spatter.  We did it on the back porch.  I had thought the rain would take care of the bit of paint on the concrete but I was wrong. . . . it was observed by my youngest that it looked like a bunch of birds pooped on our back porch.  Whoops.

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