Sunday, March 11, 2012

Lunchtime Love Notes

Staying connected with my children sometimes takes a bit of creativity.  This year, I started something with my daughter that we both have come to treasure.

It's lunchtime love notes.  Every day I put a little handmade card in her lunchbox.  Sometimes it just has a few Xs and Os written in it and sometimes I've written a few words of encouragement.  On Thursdays, it will typically have a few of her more difficult spelling words in it so she can take a peek at them before the test.  It's a fun way to stay connected with her.  She enjoys them, too.  I recently found out that she has a box that she's saved every note I've sent in her lunch.

So, how do I find the time to make a card every day for my kid?  I don't.  I make the cards a month or two at a time and store them in a box in the cupboard above the fridge.  I pull one out every night when I make the lunches and scribble something into it.

They're really fast and easy to make.  Here's the batch I made today.  They took me an hour to do.

They're all "mini" cards of various sizes.  The average is probably 2 1/2 by 3 inches.  They don't need envelopes so the cards can be whatever I want them to be.  This is a big time saver.

Start out by gathering your materials.  I look at stickers at garage sales, shop the clearance bins at the craft and grocery store and cut out things from magazines and cards before discarding them.  When I make a craft item, I save anything that doesn't turn out the way I want it to.  Start saving these items in a box and when it comes time to make your cards, you will have a lot of material to work with.

When you sit down to make your cards, invest in a package of inexpensive white cardstock and, perhaps, a cheap booklet of scrapbook paper.  I also use a paper cutter which saves a ton of time.  Glue sticks and Elmers are also a must!

Start layering your paper and your items.  Before you know it, you will have a nice stash of little love notes to put in your kiddos lunches!

 These were both parts of projects that didn't turn out the way I wanted them to.  The butterfly was salvaged from a scrapbook page and the stamped flower was cut off from the card that I ruined.

 This cute little guy was on the outside of a Marshall's reusable grocery bag that split.  Rather than toss the whole thing, I spent a little bit of time cutting out some of the owls.

One sticker makes two cards!  This was in a clearance bin for a quarter and it made two really cute cards!

 Stickers, crafting experiments that didn't turn out and part of a Hallmark Valentine's Day card make really cute love notes!

You can combine elements, too!  Put buttons on your paper cut out flowers or feathers on to existing stickers.  These are just fun, easy and quick ways to make someone's day.

If I Do It Again:

This is something I sit down and do about every six weeks so I will do it again.  I am excited for garage sale season to start. . . . it's a cheap way for me to acquire things for the love notes.  I will look for more "non traditional" items for the cards such as silk flowers, wire that can be bent, old coins and other items.

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