Monday, March 5, 2012

Lotion Bars

This winter has been the oddest I've ever experienced.  It will be 70 one day and barely clear 40 the next.  The snow, which I so love, has been a no show this year but I still have the cracked hands and dry elbows that I get every year.  Go figure.

I made myself some lotion bars in my favorite scent, Jasmine.

Lotion bars are very nice in the fact that they are solid, like soap.  You rub them between your hands and your body heat melts the lotion.  This gives you the perfect amount.

I make my own and like my recipe.  The lotion starts out greasy initially but within ten minutes completely absorbs and provides a sort of protective layer on the hands that doesn't wash off as easily as regular lotion.

The recipe is quite simple and can be adjusted for whatever amount you would like to make.

1 part beeswax
1 part avocado oil
1 part shea butter

The only additional things you need is a sauce pan, essential oil (to scent it if you want) and some molds to pour your lotion into.  I use a traditional soap mold for my large lotion bars that I keep on the sink and some cookie molds for the smaller ones.  The smaller ones fit into the candy tins (like Altoids or the round breath mint tins) and can be kept in the car or a purse.

Start out by melting your beeswax in a saucepan over medium heat.  It is very hard to cut so I just hold it to melt it down until I have the right amount.

Add your avocado oil and remove from the heat.  This is VERY important.  Shea butter will get grainy if the heat is too high and it's not a mistake that can be corrected.  If you pull the oils off from the heat before adding your shea butter, it will not get grainy.

Add your shea butter and stir until completely melted and combined.  Stir in your essential oil.  I used about a tablespoon in my batch.

Pour into your molds and let cool completely.

It will be white when cooled.  Pop out of your molds and use!

If I do it again:

I like the result of this!  I may try putting in half coconut oil and half avocado oil instead of all avocado oil.  I've heard it helps cut down on the initial greasiness.

I think I will also dye the next batch a pale pink.  My daughter thought that the smaller ones were white chocolate at first!

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