Saturday, March 17, 2012

Fabric Journal Cover

I was having one of those days where the dishes were not done, the laundry needed folding and the floors could use a good vacuuming and I didn't feel like doing any of it.  So, I didn't.  I made this instead.

It's a notebook cover.  I ran across the notebooks at Target on clearance so I bought a half dozen, of course.

The problem is that these don't have paper that tears out very easily.  It's more suited as a journal than an actual notebook.  So I decided to make a pretty cover for it and turn it into a journal.

First, I used some very cheap muslin.  It's so cheap and so thin that I had to use two layers.  Cut it out a little larger than your notebook held open.

If you are going to do any sort of sewing on your the front, you should do this now.  It will all be covered up on the back so don't worry about your seams showing.

Now cut some more fabric for the inside.  You need three pieces.  Piece number one will measure the same height as your first cut but only measure half as wide.  The second and third pieces will measure the same height but 1/3 the width of your first piece.

Sew the first cut piece, right sides together, in the center of the back of the cover.  Flip it right side out.

Hem the long edges (one side on each) of piece two and three. . . .

. . . . and pin to the front of the cover, on the edges, right sides together.

Sew it down on three sides.  Leave the hemmed side open.

Clip your corners and flip out.  You can top stitch if you would like.

Slide in your notebook.   

And that's it!  I sewed this ribbon of fabric on before I put the lining of the cover in.

Yes, I know it's not straight.  No, it was not intentional.  That's what happens when you don't listen to your mom when she's trying to teach you the correct way to sew.

It worked out, though.  I added some felt I cut out and some rhinestones and you can hardly tell that I didn't measure my fabric!

If I do it again:

Yeah, the somewhat obvious on this one. . . I'd make sure any sort of sewn on decoration was straight.  Ha!

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