Thursday, March 8, 2012

Dauber Art

I've been working on an update/redo of my bathroom and I started in the little water closet that we have off from the main bathroom.  It's nice that there's a separate room for the toilet but that's all it was. . . . a tiny, toilet room.  I decided that I was tired of it looking and feeling the way it did and I updated it.  More on that later.  This posting is about the piece of art I made for that room.

The room is long (eight feet) and narrow (40 inches).  The eight foot wall looked very bare so I made this for it.

In my defense, I am not an artist.  I can't draw anything that looks like anything.  Here's my inspiration for this piece:

See what I mean?  Nothing like it.

I started by taking two canvases.  Michaels had a sale of 50% off their value packs of canvases.  These are nothing special. . . very cheap 16 by something canvases I had leftover from a kiddie project.

I painted them with two colors.  I used the darker on the bottom, the lighter on the top and kind of schmoozed (technical painting term) them together with my brush.

Paint in your tree trunk and branches.  I didn't like my branches plain so I added all these little curly thingies at the end.  This is another technical term.  Curly thingies.

Don't do what I did.  Continue taking your branches up and off the canvas at the top or it will look funny and bug you every time you see your painting.  I stopped my branches which makes my tree look like it was lopped off at the top.  I fixed it, though, with my dauber brushes.  These are found in the stencil section of your craft store.  I had this pack and used the two round foam brushes in it.

If you take a look around, you can find acrylic paint on sale.  I got mine at Michaels for 3/$1.  Choose a few complimentary colors and squirt a bunch of colors on to your paper plate (aka the paint pallet) and squish a round brush into the paint.  Press that on to your canvas.  I used two different sizes of brushes.

Do some more. . . and more!  Keep going until you are happy with the result.

I used my 3M picture hanging strips to hang these.  It took one per because they're so light.  Here's the result!

Not Picasso but it helps break up that wall.

My daughter is extremely impressed or very savvy. . . . she's angling for a few new fish for her tank and I suspect that complimenting me on my artsy efforts might be part of her schemes!

If I do it again:

Definitely, definitely take the branches up and off the canvas at the top.  It bugs me every time I look at it!

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