Friday, March 23, 2012

CD Case Tag Holder

I was garage saleing and came across a box of twelve extra long CD holders for a dollar.  Of course I bought them!

This is what one of them looks like:

And this is what I turned it into:

Inside is filled with gift tags and little gift cards.  This is a gift to give. . . perhaps as a hostess gift, a housewarming or a "just because".

This is how I did it!

I first took out the insert that holds the CD steady.

We won't be using that part so make sure to recycle it!

Make some cute little gift cards and gift tags with leftover scraps.  I used my sizzix machine to cut out the tag shapes and then embellished them.  The cards fit inside the little envelopes florist cards come in.

Cram Place them gently inside your CD case.  Make sure it closes!

Now decorate the top!  I used some scrapbook paper, ribbon and a fake flower.  I used my Xyron sticker machine to stick the scrapbook paper to the top without having to glue. 

To do the flower, cut it off the stem and take the center out.

Start gluing the layers on to your piece.  Start with the bottom layer and work up.  I use a good fabric glue for this.

My rhinestone center was too small and looked weird so I took a large, clear button.  I rubbed it in a layer of glue and then dipped it into glitter.  I would have a photo or two to show you of this process but I got glue all over my fingers and I refused to touch the camera until they were clean again!  While they were messy, I went ahead and glued the glitter covered button to the center of the flower and then added the rhinestone gem to the top of that.

A pen fit perfectly in the space to the left of the flower and the lid holds it to the ribbon nicely.  

This is a great gift to give and could be customized with a theme or holiday.  I will make a few more of these.  Another great way to give these as a gift would be to stack two or more together, tied with ribbon. You could have these in themes, holidays and occasions or colors.  You could also do one with just cards and one with just tags.  Oh, the possibilities!

If I do it again:

1.  I will do a few with just tags.  I think that the tags are more versatile. . . you could tape them to a gift box or add ribbons and hang from a gift bag.

2.  I will also make one with three different cases stacked together.  One will hold birthday, one will hold Christmas and one will be a general case. 

3.  I will keep an eye out for narrow pens that are a bit more decorative than the black and white one I used. 

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