Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Baby Spider Plants

I have this fantastic, beautiful Spider plant in my dining room that is just flourishing.  Isn't it pretty?

All those little plants hanging off from the big plant are the "babies".  Spider plants are remarkably hardy and even someone like me can grow them.  They thrive on inattention and do great just about anywhere.  I have been giving my spider babies away every once and again but the plant was so happy it was producing dozens and dozens.  This photo was taken after I cut off ten.

Those ten I cut off are going to eventually be gifts.  This is what I did to start my plants off right.

I cut the plant off from the mama plant and put the little bitties into a plate of water.

Here they stay for about a week.  They'll get little hairs on the bottom.  Don't worry; these are new roots.

I usually put these directly into a pot but I don't have any extras right now and I wanted to get these started in anticipation for a gift later in the spring.  I used some leftover starter peat pots from my tomatoes.

Fill with soil and make a hole:

Add you plant, roots down:

And press the soil around.  These babies need to be watered and kept in a sunny place.  I put mine on a tray so I can move them outside on nice days.  Keep the soil damp for a few weeks.  After that, allow the top of the soil to dry out a little before watering.

(Ignore the tin.  I'm attempting to grow some rosemary from seed and I am starting it in the covered tin.)

The great thing about these little peat pots is that, when I do get pots for these guys, the entire peat pot can be put into the new pot with the potting soil.  You don't have to pull the plant out.  The pot will break down and the little plants won't have to go through the trauma of being transplanted when the roots are so young. 

If I do it again:

I'd probably start a few more. . . . look at how many babies I still have!  I'm out of peat pots, though!

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