Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Stamped Glass Votive Candle Holders

Bath and Body Works is having a great sale!   If you buy one of their little scented votive candles, you get the glass votive holder free.  For $1.00 each, this is an excellent deal!

I like to have a bunch of gifts handy for last minute giving.  I love the little candles and the scents are great.  The glass votive holders are not much to look at so this is what I turned them into:

I started with the plain glass votive holders, some stamps and a Stazon ink pad.

I wiped the outside of the candle holder with rubbing alcohol to remove any sort of residue that might be on the glass.  Ink your stamp and put it face up.  Roll the glass along the stamp pushing even pressure and even motion.

Repeat until the votive has the design that you want it to have.  I used this stamp and varied the height all the way around.

If you make a mistake, don't worry.  Damp a terry cloth washcloth and wipe it off.  Let it dry before re-stamping.  When it is how you like it, let it dry completely.  It takes about five minutes.

The Stazon ink will not rub off on this unless you really scrub.  I wanted mine to be a bit more permanent, though, so I sealed it.  I used a matte Mod-Podge because it gives it a frosted look that I think is neat.

 Put the mod-podge on a plate or piece of foil and apply with a stencil dabber.  If you use a brush, you will have brush marks.  The harder you push, the more air bubbles you will have.  I did a few with lots of bubbles and some with less.  I like the look on both.

Cover it completely and let dry.  This will take about a half hour.

You are done!  Add a few scented votives to this and you have a beautiful gift!

If I do it again:

1.  I would experiment with different sealers, including the Krylon spray sealer.
2.  I would use a few colors of the Stazon ink.  It's expensive, though, so I only have black at this time!