Thursday, February 9, 2012

More Dish Towels!

I love playing with and creating from fabric scraps.  I don't particularly care to sew with them but fabric offers textures and patterns that you just can't get anywhere else and I enjoy thinking of things to do with them. 

These dish towels took a few minutes to embellish and they used a minimal amount of fabric and sewing.

Start out by cutting a strip of fabric just a bit wider than the end of your dish towel.  I didn't get exact.  You will want to try to get this straight.

Fold the piece in half and iron.  Fold the sides in a little bit and iron.  Fold the edges in and iron.

Put an end of your towel inside the fabric fold you just made.  There should be a strip of fabric on each side of the end of the towel.  Pin and sew.

 The black is the towel, the white polka dots is the fabric and the black and white diamonds is my ironing board so ignore that.

As you can see, I didn't do a great job matching my thread to my fabric.  I'll fix that now!
Lay a strip of Heat N Bond across the stitching and iron into place.

Do this to both sides.  Pull the paper and iron a coordinating ribbon over the Heat N Bond.  Make sure to wrap it around the ends and have it meet.

You can top stitch over the ribbon if you wish and have matching thread or you can leave it be.  I left mine.

You are done!  This is a quick and easy way to dress up a dish towel!  I paired these with the Yo-Yo embellished dish towel and a set of owl pot holders for a nice Valentine's Day gift.

Ready for gift giving!

If I Did It Again:

1.  I'd bring a piece of the fabric with me to the store when I bought the dish towels.  Since I was trying to match something specific, I shouldn't have guessed!  It took two trips to the store to get towels that worked well with the fabric I had!

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