Saturday, February 18, 2012

Kid Craft: Felt Flowers

We had a home sick day this week for my eight year old and by mid afternoon she was feeling better.  One of her assignments was to make a birthday card for her teacher so we tackled it.

This is what she made.

It turned out quite nice and she made it herself so she was quite proud!  The flower is quite easy.  You need a pair of scissors, a piece of felt and a hot glue gun.

Cut eight larger circles and one smaller circle out of the felt.  If you get less or more larger circles, that's fine.

Take one of your circles and put a dot of hot glue right in the center.

Fold the felt in half and then squish it around the hot glue.  The glue should be at the bottom of the "cone"  you just made.

 See?  The glue is between her fingers on the inside and the felt is being held in the squished position by it.

Do this with all your big circles.

Now take your small circle and start gluing all the points of your squished circles on to it.

 Keep going. . . .
Put them all on there. . . .

Fluff them out and you are done!  Here's what the back looks like:

Cut out a stem and some leaves and glue it all on a piece of paper.  You have a special birthday card for a special teacher!

If I do it again:

She had a blast making this!  If she was feeling a bit better we would have made an entire bouquet for the card.  Next time it would be fun!

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