Monday, February 20, 2012

In Cupboard Pot Rack

For those of you who have been in touch with me lately have probably noticed that I've been somewhat distracted.  Or maybe you haven't. . . I'm not exactly focused all the time anyway!

The reason why is that my husband gave me an excellent Valentine's Day gift.  He gave me a budget to reorganize our cupboards and our pantry.  When we moved in five years ago, we set up the kitchen in a way that was necessary, not convenient.  We had a two year old climber who managed to get into everything.  Anything potentially dangerous was put high up, out of reach and the non-lethal items were left to the drawers and cabinets.  She's eight, now, and no longer a danger to herself and others so a reorganization is due.

One of my first projects was this totally awesome pot rack.  I've always wanted one but I don't have a spot to hang it without blocking the one and only window in my kitchen.  I was perusing online trying to come up with a solution and came across the idea of putting it in a cupboard.  Doesn't it look great?!?!

I'd love to take credit for this absolutely brilliant idea, but I can't. I found it on this blog. She does an excellent job giving a tutorial that I followed, making a few tweeks here and there.

I would suggest either purchasing a pot rack like this one and modifying it as she did in her blog or I would use a few boards (rails would work great) and buying these hooks.   I opted to buy the pot rack since it came with six hooks and the wood.  It ended up saving money because the hooks by themselves are very expensive.

I don't have many photographs of the process, mainly because I put it together late at night and I was too excited.  The entire project took less than twenty minutes to do and the result is fantastic.

I did follow her tutorial for the most part.  This is what I did differently.

First, I tossed all the assembly hardware except the two screws.  Yes, I even tossed the two hooks that go on the end.  From the ends that I cut off, I cut off three inches of the board that included the hole that was already put in there.  I just threaded the screw through the three pieces of wood on both sides.  It holds the boards apart perfectly so the hooks slide without trouble.

The other thing I did differently is that I mounted mine opposite the way she did.  She put her brackets in an L shape and I put mine upside down.  It worked better for the type of brackets I had.

That's it!  You put it together and drop the hooks in from the top.  I had room left to put up a shelf that has my steamer (no handles to hang) and my big fry pan.  I also keep the lids up there.

It's fantastically convenient and I don't have to unearth pans from an unsteady pan tower anymore.  We're pretty thrilled with this one!

If I do it again:

We're quite pleased with the results!  I don't think I'd do anything differently at this point.

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