Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Glass Magnets

This is a project that has been done thousands of times and probably blogged about hundreds of times.  I'm adding my own to the mix!

This is a very fun, very easy project to do with the kids.  My daughter and I put these together as Valentine's Day gifts for some very special Specials Teachers at her school.  Check them out!
The overall project is quite easy.  You will need:

*Flat glass marbles (in the floral section).  We didn't use the ones with the iridescent coating on them because I didn't like the effect.
* Magnets
*Pretty paper
* Cardstock
* glue

I like a glue that is made especially for glass.  I used Aileen's Glass and Bead glue.

Move your marbles around the paper until you like what you see.  Trace around them and cut out.  At this point, I put them through the Xyron sticker machine to make it easier.  They're cheap and loads of fun, especially for the kids.  It made this part very easy.  Stick to the cardstock and cut out so now you have a thick piece of paper.

 (Xyron machine. . . about nine dollars at WalMart and SO MUCH FUN!!!)
Now it's time for the fun part!  Put a dollop of glue on the back of the marble. . . something about the size of a pea.
Stick it to the patterned paper and squish that glue to the edges.  There's something very satisfying about squishing glue out the edges of a project!  You will have leftover paper hanging off the edge.  Don't worry about it now.  Let the glue dry then use sharp scissors and snip it off.
Now to package these beauties!  I raided my husband's junk bucket and found these:

It's assorted washers and metal pieces.  I printed out a Happy Valentine's Day topper on a piece of paper that I cut to be 4x11.  Fold the paper in half and glue the washers where you think the magnets should go, like this:
Put a glue strip down the sides and across the top of the paper; fold the front back on itself.

The washers are in there all hidden!  Your magnets will now stick to the washers and won't fall down into a bunch at the bottom of the bag.  We added our magnets and slid the entire thing into an A2 Cello bag.  Stampin Up carries them and so does

Voila!  A fun and pretty Valentine's Day gift to give!

If I do it again:

1.  I think I wouldn't be so worried about centering the magnets over the images.  I think that the ones that were "accidents" and off center turned out the prettiest.

2.  I would check the washers to make sure the magnet stuck to them BEFORE gluing them down.  I had two paper folders that I ruined because I didn't check.   You'd think I would have learned my lesson after the first time!!!

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