Saturday, February 4, 2012

Cupcake Kit

I have a shelf in a closet that is devoted to gifts that don't have recipients yet.  I like to have a few things on hand to surprise someone with a last minute gift for a special occasion or a just because moment.  I made these with no particular person in mind.

These are my Cupcake Kits.  They're just metal  lunch boxes decorated and filled with a few things that you need to make tasty cupcakes.

You can get the lunch boxes at a craft store for around $5 apiece.  I decorated the front with some cupcake shaped cards that I found in the clearance section of said craft store (six pack for 50 cents).  I filled it with my cupcake liner leftovers.  I always end up buying a new package of cupcake liners each occasion that I make cupcakes and I've acquired quite a stash of liners!  I found the most amazing and inexpensive shop to buy cupcake sprinkles (check out Auman's Baking Decorations) and bought two samplers.  I got eighteen packages of different sprinkles for under $20 and the packages were big enough that I could break them up into four or five little bags apiece.  Each cupcake kit ended up with ten different kinds of sprinkles!  I added an inexpensive frosting knife ($3 on and a salt shaker for the sprinkles that I decorated (2 shakers for 97 cents at Walmart).

I made four of these kits and they cost less than $15 apiece to make.   By acquiring the supplies slowly or on sale (use your coupons!) they could be made for even less.   They're great gifts to have around to give.  Who doesn't like cupcakes?!?

If I Do It Again:

1.  I wouldn't put the polka dots on the side of the lunch box.  The ones I wrapped around the corners needed to be "restuck" on using a stronger adhesive.  I'd probably use something else.

2.  I wouldn't buy as many sprinkles.  I have quite a few bags sitting in my pantry right now because they didn't fit into the kit!

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